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By Sydney Sauer From the first day of school, I knew that I would be the odd one out in my computer science class. In the whole class of boys, I was one of only two girls in the entire room! Although I tried not to think about that, it was hard to block out all of the things that made me different—my long, curly hair, painted nails, and cozy sweaters always seemed to stand
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Join us as we Code for a Cause and solve real-world problems with code! This is a chance for you to use code to raise awareness for a cause that is near and dear to your heart or solve a problem you face with code! Your cause could be anything from anti-bullying to breast cancer awareness to saving the earth. Enter the challenge and you can win prizes! Register now to be part of this
Teaching kids coding
When most parents think of teaching their kids coding, they jump to the long-term career prospects and financial benefits of learning such a valuable skill at a young age. While the financial payoff is certainly there, it’s also important for parents to realize an even greater benefit of programming—excellent problem-solving skills that work just as well in the real world as on the screen. Even though most people think that the process of developing code