Our coding classes are offered in three tiers.

5 – 6 Year Olds

Our younger coders learn basics of computer science through a series of offline and app based activities that take every day life and relate them to coding! While finding missing donuts through code and mapping out coding adventures, these young coders start to build their problem solving skills and think like programmers! 

7 – 9 Year Olds

Our 7 – 9 year olds work on developing critical problem solving and algorithm design skills while building video games with multiple levels, creating and animating their own characters, creating music videos, building physics simulations and more! This visual programming environment provides a great introduction to programming, programming concepts and prepares them for text based coding!

10 – 14 Year Olds

work on actual code! In a game based environment, they type out actual code that controls the avatars. Kids are introduced to Python, move on to building websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript and eventually to more advanced computer science concepts! The curriculum for this tier covers 85% of Stanford’s Introduction to Computer Science course!

15+ Year Olds

**NEW** Teens 15+ start with a deep dive into HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript. They learn to code by building dynamic websites with full functionality. Finishing this curriculum leads to a front end development certification. Java is next on the menu as they learn to build back end code using Java!

For all tiers, we have a teacher: student ratio of 1: 4. The team will continuously give you the parent, tangible feedback on the skills your kid is acquiring as they progress from one level of wizardry to the next! We scale the level of difficulty to adapt to your child’s skill level!