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 ACSL Competition 

The American Computer Science League (ACSL) is a non-profit organization
devoted to computer science education at the secondary school level. All divisions cover similar material, but in varying levels of detail and difficulty. ACSL administers computer science contests for junior and senior high school students, publishes a newsletter containing the results of each contest and items of interest, and awards prizes (computer equipment, books, and trophies) to outstanding students at local and regional levels.

Now in its 41st year of operation, about 250 school teams in the United States, Canada ,Europe, Africa and Asia have participated. ACSL will provide a unique and exciting educational opportunity for your computer enthusiast! Contest problems motivate students to study
computer topics not covered in their school’s curriculum and to pursue
classroom topics in depth. 

Topics Covered


The competition consists of 4 contests. In each contest, students
are given short theoretical and applied questions, and then a programming
problem to solve within the following three days. 
Code Wiz administers the contest and results are returned to ACSL
for tabulation. At the end of the year, an Invitational Team All-Star Contest,
based upon cumulative scores, is held at a common site.

Who can join the team?

Kids with strong math skills and an interest in programming! We will focus on using already existing math knowledge to solve programming questions


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