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Jim White Owner

Jim White

Owner/Chief in charge of Technology and Fun/Lucky husband of a fellow geek

Hi! I am Jim White, I have a BS in Computer Science and a Math Minor. I have been a part of many startups as well as larger companies. My last position was VP of Engineering at Optum Analytics. I am very passionate about giving back and am on the board of Boston CASA. I am super excited about starting this school and helping the next generation of engineers discover a love for what I have enjoyed for many years now. The experience of making a piece of code, a robot or a piece of electronics come to life is really fun and rewarding.Around town you might see me walking or biking in the fells or on the roads. Say hello if you see me!https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-white-boston/ Talk soon!

Tanya White

Owner/Chief Geek

Hi! I am Tanya White with over 16 years of experience in the Information Technology field and a background in Software and Network Engineering.  I hold a BS in Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology and am currently working on finishing my MS in Engineering Management at Tufts University.  Having experience in Software and Network Engineering, I enjoys tinkering with Java, Python and .NET programming and I also have a small Cisco network set up in my basement where I can study for Cisco Certifications.  I love inspiring and helping others learn new technologies and one day I would like to teach a class of future Cisco Engineers. For fun you can find me walking, running or biking in the woods with my husband and two dogs.

Jada Worthy Coach

Jada Worthy

Coach/Chief Talloires, France Tour Guide

Hello! :) My name is Jada Worthy. I'm a sophomore at Tufts University studying Computer Science in the School of Engineering. I am also beginning to pursue my passion for education as an Engineering Education minor. Before I was introduced to computer science, my heart was set on being an educator for young students. I assisted and tutored Kindergarten and 1st-grade students in summer camps and after-school programs. During my junior year of high school, computer science became more influential in my life. However, it wasn’t until I took Human Development & Learning in Talloires, France when my love for education was rekindled. Thanks to CodeWiz, I now have the opportunity to fuse both realms of computer science and education! Needless to say, I am excited to be apart of your programming experience/ journey. In addition to coding and education, I enjoy decorating, planning events, traveling, and creating memories with friends and family! 

Hannah Glenn Center Director for Code Wiz Arlington

Hannah Glenn

Center Director/Chief Life Coach

Hi I'm Hannah! I grew up in Belmont, MA, and presently live in Arlington, MA. I studied at Syracuse University and the Art Institute of Boston before moving to Costa Rica in 2005. I have spent the last 15 years there, recently moved back to the US, and am beyond excited to be a part of the Code Wiz team and make an impact in the local community again. In Costa Rica I started out as a Program Coordinator at a learning vacation school for travelers, where I worked for more than 5 years. More recently, my husband and I opened a private Pre-school/Elementary school in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica in 2017, where I've been part of growing it from the ground up, including instructing art classes, assisting in Pre-k, doing Spanish/English translations, and just about anything else you can imagine there. It's been quite an adventure and I've loved being a coordinator, a liaison between families and staff, and the face of a growing educational center in a small, rural community that is up and running with the help of amazing staff and teachers. I'm also a Certified Life Coach, am fluent in Spanish, enjoy photography, painting, and am working on getting better at golf with my family, so I can (maybe) be as good as my son, who at a young age has already played in the Costa Rican kids rankings tournaments, and is looking forward to continuing his golf career in the US! My husband, son, our beloved pup, Ruby, and I are excited to be here and are ready for some new and exciting endeavors.

Coach Austin in Switzerland

Austin Rothermund

Coach/Chief Trading Card Specialist

Hi, I am Austin Rothermund. I am a 2020 graduate of Salem State University, where I completed my BS in Computer Science, with a concentration in graphics and visualization. I have been interested in game design, programming and teaching for as long as I can remember! May it be creating Minecraft servers (or playing), messing around with Roblox Studio, or creating my own games in Unity using C#. One can always seem to find me doing something computer related. When I am not working on the computer, I enjoy fishing, traveling with my girlfriend, and playing trading card games with my friends. I have a passion for teaching others and passing on as much knowledge and skills that I can to the future generations of Computer Science and Game Design students! As a recent graduate I am very excited to start my journey here with Code Wiz and am eager to meet everyone.

Center Director Jennifer

Jennifer Parker

Center Director/Chief Energy Booster

Jennifer Parker, M.A., is an Adjunct Communication Instructor at Creighton University where she teaches public speaking, business and professional communication, and leadership. Before Creighton, Jennifer was a highly successful speech and debate coach, directing a collegiate squad to its first and only team national championship. She also coached numerous national championships in public speaking and acting interpretation events and two debate teams to the national top four.
For the last 15 summers, Jennifer has taught and directed at summer camps specializing in communication, leadership, STEM, and academic success. Jennifer also owns and directs the Omaha Dance Center. As a high energy leader, she motivates students to succeed by helping them discover how best to communicate and develop their strengths and interests.

Laurel and her horse Response

Laurel White

Director of Business Development/Chief Equestrian

Hi! My name is Laurel White and I am an energetic, creative, and driven marketing professional. I have my undergraduate degree in Marketing from UMass Dartmouth and my graduate degree in Business Administration from Washington State University. I have held an intense passion for business and continuous learning from a young age, and my focus at CodeWiz is to expand our community and get powerful STEM education into the hands of every kid craving to learn!  I love new challenges, managing complex projects, providing structure to chaos, while staying a flexible team member. I am also a licensed horseback riding instructor and yoga teacher, and spend almost all of my free time at the barn with my Dutch Warmblood horse and St. Bernard Mix dog.

Bobir Muradov

Coach/Chief Mechatronics Engineer

Hi, everyone! My name is Bobir. I'm really interested in physics and because of it I'm studying to become a Mechatronics Engineer at Vaughn College Of Aeronautics and Technology. So far, I've worked on a couple of projects that primarily deal with robotics, visual programming and camera optics. After finishing my freshman year in college, I looked for teaching jobs and received an offer from Code Wiz Jersey City and now work for Code Wiz Arlington. Since then I've taught pretty much every programming language Code Wiz offers except HTML and CSS. I have also taught robotics, electronics and 3D modelling (CAD) to kids from 6 to 16. I'm really excited to teach kids since they're the ones who will pick up what we as humans are doing. 

Malhar wearing Code Wiz shirt

Malhar Teli

Coach/Chief Game Artist

I'm a coder, artist, and game designer who enjoys sharing my love and passion for the craft of building usable applications. I graduated from Northeastern University with a BFA in Game Design, and a minor in Computer Science. As a part of my program, I learned a wide variety of languages, and more importantly, how to approach and learn new systems and tools. At Code Wiz Arlington, I teach Python, Java, C# in Unity, and even C++ in Unreal Engine to students aged 12 to 15. I believe learning to program is an excellent way to teach students how to apply the skills they might find redundant in school. Things like Algebraic Equations, Syntax and Grammar, and Complex Logic Problems are brought to a head when learning to communicate with computers, and I hope to impart in my students a willingness to expand their horizons and find new ways to approach challenges!

Lizzy Buchman

Coach/Chief Musician

Hello! I am Lizzy Buchman, This is my nephew Tristan, who, at 18 months is already becoming a musical aficionado. He is super curious, loves playing with his toy cars and robots, and I can’t wait for him to join our coding family when he is old enough! I am passionate about giving back to the future generations by making coding accessible (and fun!) for families and children all over the country. My favorite part of working with Code Wiz is being able to follow the growth of our students as they learn, build friendships, and find future success! In my free time I am an avid singer, dancer, disc-golfer, and pianist. I look forward to meeting you and helping to integrate you into our wonderful learning community!

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