The teen years are a period of intense growth physically, emotionally and intellectually. At that age, teenagers tend to test the limits of their parents and guardians.

Being a teenager can be hard; parenting a teenager can be even harder.

Although it can be a period of upheaval for both teenagers and their families, adolescence is also a critical time where the right adult guidance can help teenagers grow into the distinct individuals they will become in the future.

Teenagers of today are growing up in a radically different world, and technology is a significant part of that change. It’s playing a significant role in almost all aspects of life today.

Programming languages are the building blocks of virtually all the tech we use today and coders are on the front lines of this revolution.

We spoke in detail of the many benefits of kids learning to code and how much of a necessary skill it is for tomorrow’s workforce in our blog ‘How learning to code prepares kids for the 21st-Century workplace.’

The article also mentioned the importance of ‘The Four C’s of 21st Century skills’ (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication) and how kids can develop each one by learning how to code.

Teenagers need to develop these skills now even more than the younger age groups because they’re at the crucial stage of adolescence. When teens learn how to code they will acquire valuable skill sets that they can apply to their daily lives and especially for the 21st-century workplace.

How Computer Programming Classes for Teens can shape your Teen’s future

Career Opportunities

Acquiring computer coding skills opens teenagers up to a diverse and better-paying job market. According to MarketWatch, many of the jobs that require some knowledge of computer coding pay $57,000 or more per year.

Possessing coding skills can also be an easy route into an open field of work. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts computer-based and information technology occupations will produce nearly 560,000 new jobs by 2026 – a growth of 13% from 2016. 

The main reason is that today’s workplace requires different competencies because many jobs have evolved requiring critical thinking to resolve new challenges that never existed before.

There is now a significant emphasis on employees to think creatively, collaborate and communicate effectively to solve problems with minimal supervision.

Competitive Advantages on College Applications

Teens who want to capitalize on the abundance of computer science jobs in tomorrow’s landscape should be taking programming courses today.

Learning to code provides competitive advantages for teenagers before they hit the job market.

Computer programming classes for teens weds theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. Teenagers who partake in these programs usually possess high levels of problem-solving skills, persistence, computational thinking, and The Four C’s. 

Not only do future employers find these qualities compelling, tertiary institutions often reward teenage applicants with an early acceptance letter.

High School Success

Good computer programming classes for teens ensure teenagers learn the languages and skills needed to complete their schools’ scholastic requirements. 

Depending on the country, some middle and high schools require students to earn five credits in computer science. 

Additionally, the newfound knowledge and study skills is transferable to other computer science classes and academic pursuits.

But getting teenagers to the point of intrigue where they use their free time to learn to code rather than hanging out with friends, interacting on social media, talking on their smartphones or playing video games, can get tricky.

Teaching Programming to Teenagers

There are a lot of useful resources to help students learn how to code such as Scratch and the Hour of Code in The visual feedback from these platforms helps younger students stay engaged while building simple games and learning the basics of programming. 

With our computer programming classes for teens, we at CodeWiz are focused on empowering this generation of teenagers with the skills for the 21st century.

However, teaching programming to teenagers is an entirely different challenge. 

While these programs are good to get students acquainted with programming, some teenagers will likely find them quite mundane and childish. 

Most teenagers have high expectations. Teaching them to create software with fancy graphical user interfaces (GUI) or teaching them new data structures might not be enough. 

That youthful exuberance gets unleashed when they get a chance to build or do something REAL such as real iPhone app or their own custom website that they can showcase to their friends or to the world.

Also, teenagers absorb new technology like dry sponges. It’s all about being cool, following the latest tech trend and using the coolest apps. 

So for computer programming classes for teens to grab and keep the interest of teenagers it has to be cutting edge and make the students physically feel what they have coded.

How to Unlock Teenagers’ inner Wiz 

We at Codewiz are focused on empowering this generation of teenagers with the skills for the 21st century. In our computer programming classes for teens, our students work on full stack projects using Java, HTML, CSS, and javascript. We’ll teach them to push their code to Github so they can impress everyone with their coding prowess!

Teenagers will work in teams to design and build robots that solve a real-world challenge and also participate in national championships. They will also learn how to use 3D printing software to create digital designs that can be developed into physical objects.

Our classes are mostly hands-on in nature and will provide step-by-step instructions to guide them through creating their own designs.

Whether teenagers desire to become  computer scientists or not, it’s clear that learning to code can open their eyes to what the world looks like behind the screen of a smartphone.

When it comes to preparing teenagers for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them learn how to code. They will gain valuable 21st-century skills that will serve them no matter what career path they choose.

Parents – do you want to boost your teenager’s resume and increase their chances of getting an internship at a tech company? 

Teens – do you want to impress computer science admissions committees and your friends by creating something cool and relevant? 

Our computer programming classes for teens summer camps is a great way to do so. Treat your teens to a genuinely different kind of camp this summer and let’s make 2019 the year they learn to code.

Contact us to get started.