How to send Your Kids to a Good Computer Coding Summer Camp without Paying a Fortune 


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Now it is time to lock up your kid’s spot at the ideal computer coding summer camp by paying for it.

But this is perhaps the trickiest part of the summer coding camp for kids journey for parents.

Unlike traditional summer camps, computer coding summer camps are mostly expensive. If parents are not careful, they could easily get into spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily for summer coding camps, if they let themselves.

If your bank account won’t feel the pinch and it caters to your peace of mind to pay a premium to send your child to a summer coding camp, then that is great. But if you are seeking a more frugal way to do so then keep reading.

According to stats from the American Camp Association, the weekly cost of an overnight camp averages about $690. But anyone who has done enough research on the costs for computer coding summer camps knows it can well exceed $1,000 a week.

Depending on where you live, skill-building sleep-away camps average $1,500 and can balloon up to $3000 a week, totaling up to $30,000 for the entire summer.

For many families on a budget, these costs are largely prohibitive. Imagine your kids are dreaming about the adventure of attending a summer coding camp, but you lie awake at night losing sleep over how to pay for it.

It’s a stressful scenario that some parents are facing which has raised questions about how for-profit educational programs are shaping access to tech education for the current and future generation of young people.

Some educators and activists have expressed concerns that most of the top specialty summer tech programs, mostly available to the privileged few, are excluding the underrepresented with pricing.

Accusing private tech programs that teach kids to code during the summer for over $1,000 a week of exacerbating tech’s diversity problem, might be a bit unjust. Some of these programs have said they are making efforts to significantly expand access to their summer programs to low-income families who can’t afford a premium price.

But as a parent that is out of your control. What is in your control is capitalizing on any available opportunities to cut costs on summer coding camps.

How to Afford a Summer Coding Camp even if you’re on a Budget

If you’re one of those parents who has reluctantly coughed up the $1000+ weekly tuition for tech summer camps, creative thinking can lower the cost of sending your child to a good computer coding summer camp.

Send your kid to a computer coding summer camp without paying a fortune

Before you pull out your credit card or your wallet, try these cost-cutting measures that could save you thousands of dollars.

Here are some cost-saving ideas and methods that could shave tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars off the costs of computer coding summer camps:

  1. Scholarships and Financial aid

Check if your chosen summer coding camp offers scholarships or any other financial assistance.

Many computer coding summer camps offer partial to full financial aid or scholarship opportunities to families who need that extra financial boost. And you don’t have to be dirt poor to qualify for financial aid either.

You can be mid-income and still qualify for some summer camp financial aid programs.

Try to find out if the camp participates in income-eligible subsidy programs.

Scholarships and financial aids can cut a significant percentage off your child’s summer coding camp tuition fees. But you should start looking early because some camps have limited scholarships available.

Subsidies: Some camps have a subsidy program for qualifying families. But apply early to make sure you can take advantage of the funds available. Financial applications are usually due by February.

Financial aid from third-party organizations – there are also several non-profit organizations that offer subsidies for low-income families to send their kids to camps.

  1. Discounts

Most summer camps start in June, and sometimes summer camps give discounts to families who sign up early.

Early-bird discounts: Some camps offer a return camper discount. Surprisingly, more returning tech campers than you might think don’t take advantage of early-bird savings.

The deadlines for these specials are different, so refer to the individual camp’s website. You can potentially save you a lot of money if you take advantage of these offers.

Sibling discounts: Some summer coding camps offer a discount if two children from the same family are attending. So if your children are close in age, and their interests align, consider sending them to the same camp.

But call ahead and book early to make sure both your children get a spot in the camp. Your children will likely feel less homesick because they are away together.

Friend reference discounts: some camps offer tuition discounts for referrals. If you’re the parent of a singleton, see if the camp will give you a discount if you get some of your kid’s friends to sign up as well.

Friend reference discounts are one of the more overlooked money-saving opportunities for parents sending their kids to camps.

Enrolling in multiple sessions is another discount possibility that might help offset registration costs.

  1. Savings

Offer some of your time: some camps will lower your child’s attendance costs if you volunteer a few hours per week. Check around for summer coding camps that offer parent volunteer programs.

Have a Fund-Raiser: Brownies and Girl Scouts can earn camp-tuition credit through their cookie sales in some states. Other fund-raising ideas include car washes, yard work, and Christmas tree sales.

Shop around: this method is quite straightforward but remains one of the most effective ways of saving money as a consumer. You can shop the major camps on the American Camp Association (ACA) website through its ‘Find a Camp’ feature.

Also, you might be able to find a less expensive camp by checking local community centers, your child’s school, or your local YMCA.

  1. Family and friends contribution

Gifts and loans: consider asking family members or well-wishers to contribute to the cost of coding camps. Suggest exchanging the provision of birthdays or holidays gifts with a contribution or loan towards your kids’ summer camp fees.

Ask your kids to contribute: encourage your kids to earn the money themselves by doing errands and chores for friends, families or neighbors.

Asking your kid to break their piggy bank or use allowance money to help fund their own summer coding camp experience might seem outrageous, but it’s amazing how kids’ attitude changes when it’s their money that will be paying for something of value to them.

Also, asking them to take some responsibility for funding it may show you how interested they truly are about attending.

  1. Savings from government

Tax savings: depending on where you reside summer camp can be a tax write off. In some territories, you can claim government tax credits of a certain amount per year for each child on your tax returns for summer camps.

You can save a decent amount on your taxes by writing off summer’s camp costs. However, if you’re planning on writing camp off on your taxes, make sure you save your payment receipts and collect the camp’s tax id number.

Also, check if your camp qualifies.

Pay in installments

This is technically not a cost-saving measure, but in case you were unsuccessful in finding discounts or gaining financial aid and you really want to send your child to that ideal summer coding camp, this is a good payment option.

We understand that it can be a bruise to some person’s pride, but if you can’t afford to pay the entire cost of the camp up front don’t feel ashamed to ask to be placed on a payment plan.

Some camps allow parents to pay down a deposit to reserve a space before paying the balance at a later date.

Wrap up

Due to the high price tag, summer coding camps can seem out of reach cost-wise for a lot of families, but it doesn’t have to be.

By galvanizing the above cost-saving methods you can make summer coding camp expenses more manageable, salvaging the opportunity for your child to experience something they will probably cherish for a lifetime.

We at CodeWiz believe that inspiring the next generation of problem solvers by teaching them how to code doesn’t have to demand a high price tag. That is why we offer affordable programs with top-level educational material to help kids unlock their inner genius.

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