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 “I am a coder” Youtube Challenge 2020! 

We are officially launching our “I am a coder” Youtube Challenge.

We are looking for our Code Wiz coders to create either “How to” or “Walkthrough” videos that we can repost on our Youtube channel. If you want to teach kids how to code, create a “How to” video. You could do this with literally anything you imagine!

Show us how to create a Tynker character and make it move, or show us how to code a robot. You can also do a “Walkthrough” video if you want to show off your code.

Show us a project you really, really liked! Tell us why you liked it, explain the code, tell us what you might have had trouble with and show us the finish product.

Important: You must get your parents permission to participate.

Once you’ve gotten approval from your parents, send us your masterful video to, well post it on our Youtube channel and you’ll earn 100 Code Wiz Wizbucks for everyone of your videos we post.

To enter email your coding video to Visit our Code Wiz Youtube Channel! 

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