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Coding is an interesting subject that is fast gaining popularity among kids. Not only are kids showing immense interest, parents too encourage engineering for kids as a part of their academic development. It comes as no surprise that more and more children are enrolling for after-school coding programs these days.
Easy Strategies For Setting Up Your Child For Coding Success Coding is a futuristic skill that can open immense opportunities for young learners. It makes a smart choice for parents who want their kids to derive clear benefits at present and in the future. By sending your kid for after
after school coding classes
When it comes to finding ways to keep children busy after school, there is always a dearth of good ideas. You would want them to do something productive, while ensuring that it matches their interest and aptitude. It’s great if your kid is interested in coding and robotics because this
Minecraft and Roblox Zoom Backgrounds
Love Minecraft and Roblox? Now you can show off your favorite character using Code Wiz’s personalized Minecraft and Roblox Zoom Backgrounds. Feel free to download and use these backgrounds during all your video calls and Online classes, we’d love to see how cool they look. Be sure to send us
We are officially launching our “I am a coder” Youtube Challenge. We are looking for our Code Wiz coders to create either “How to” or “Walkthrough” videos that we can repost on our Youtube channel. If you want to teach kids how to code, create a “How to” video. You
print 3d masks
Code Wiz is committed to supporting our community during these uncertain times. We understand COVID-19 has made it difficult for many. Sadly we have all witnessed how this virus has impacted our families, our communities, and our life. What we are facing is difficult, but we believe in supporting each
COVID-19 Online Coding Classes
Hello Parents! We’ve been monitoring information from the WHO and CDC and have decided to transition our on-site classes to virtual evening classes that your kids can enjoy from home! We are doing our part to keep your families and our families safe. How do you plan to transition to
Video games have become increasingly popular since the turn of the millennium. Players, particularly kids, spend an enormous amount of hours playing them.  Contrary to popular belief that playing video games makes kids lazy, research has shown that some video games can be significantly beneficial.  Educational technology researchers have found
Roblox, the online gaming platform dubbed the ‘gaming version of Youtube,’ is wildly popular among kids. With over 90 million monthly active users, it’s ranked number one in online entertainment for kids under 13, and second for teens ages 13 – 17.  The UGC (User-generated Content) multiplayer online game creation
While some parents may be concerned that their kid(s) might spend too much time playing video games, not all games are created equal. Of course, there have been blockbuster games that have taken the world by storm before. People got fascinated with birds being angry (Angry Birds) and placed themselves