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 Kids’ Projects 

What Can Your Kids
Build With Coding Skills?

Here’s a SMALL sampling of what our students have built at Code Wiz. Oh…and after you’ve had a chance to check out the projects, don’t forget to scroll down and reserve your free class.

Which Free Class Time is
Best for You?

Coding is one of the best ways for kids to express their creativity, learn teamwork, and develop problem-solving skills.

And who knows…your kids may love to code and end up creating an application that changes the world!

  • Not a math genius? No problem! ​It’s a myth that you must master math to code. Does it help? Sure! But interest and persistence are MUCH more important (and we work hard to keep it interesting AND instill persistence).
  • Personalized Lessons for Learners of ALL Levels – ​Our personalized lessons help your children learn based on their needs. (So no need to feel like the classes may be too advanced or too simple.)
  • Explore your child’s curiosity – ​You never know what talents your children have if you don’t explore them. And hey, you can explore our class for free. So won’t you join us? To reserve your free class right now, all you have to do is.