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ONLINE coding CLASSES Learn to code from home,
Supplement your learning and make new friends!

ONLINE coding CLASSES Learn to code from home,
Supplement your learning and make new friends!

Connect with kids your age,
code at your own pace.

No time for boredom when there is a myriad of technology to learn,
and stay ahead of the curve!

With school looking very different from what kids are used to, we’re providing an opportunity for kids to supplement their learning in a fun and consistent way. Our coding classes also provide an environment for kids to collaborate and socialize with like minded friends and get ahead of the curve by learning fundamental and cutting edge technology such as Python, Java, HTML, artificial intelligence, robotics, data mining and more.

Ages 7 – 17

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Coding with

Ages 7 – 9 & 10+

Designed to teach students how to make their own world or gamemode and learn the ins and outs of Roblox!


Virtual Robotics

Ages 8 – 12

Using STEM, coding and tech literacy, students will perform tournament missions to complete in this Virtual Robotic Competition!


World Builder

Ages 7 – 12

Student are tasked with working together to build a functioning civilization on an empty plot in this unique collaborative class!


Game Design
with Unity

Ages 10+

Unleash your creative side and learn the fundamentals of coding concepts creating your own 2D/3D games. Gaming will never be the same again!


Intro to Artificial

Ages 13+

Artificial Intelligence will define the next generation of software solutions. Learn the basics of AI and more.


Apps for

Ages 13+

Creating voice apps and interactions, redefine your voice app experience using coding to take your imagination of Amazon Alexa apps to the next level!

More Course

Have a favorite coding platform you have tried before, or are you interested in a different platform than mentioned above? Don’t worry we still have Python, HTML, CSS, Scratch, Java, Minecraft coding and more!


Code Wiz Alignment with
K – 12 Computer Science Framework

Code Wiz aligns its curriculum with the K–12 Computer Science Framework represents a vision in which all students engage in the concepts and practices of computer science.

“Beginning in the earliest grades and continuing through 12th grade, students will develop a foundation of computer science knowledge and learn new approaches to problem solving that harness the power of computational thinking to become both users and creators of computing technology. By applying computer science as a tool for learning and expression in a variety of disciplines and interests, students will actively participate in a world that is increasingly influenced by technology”.

The framework promotes a vision in which all students critically engage in computer science issues; approach problems in innovative ways; and create computational artifacts with a practical, personal, or societal intent.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

I consider the needs of diverse users during the design process. I regularly advocate for both myself and others. (CS Practice 1)


I work effectively in teams by accepting different perspectives, giving and receiving feedback, and sharing the workload. (CS Practice 2.)

Problem solving

I know how to define the problem, break it down into parts, and determine a solution using appropriate programs or procedures. (CS Practice 3)


I recognize patterns and can simplify code by using functions and loops. I can design modules that simulate real world phenomena. (CS Practice 4)


I express myself creatively by designing new prototypes, figuring out new ways to solve a problem, or improving on existing products and solutions (CS Practice 5)

Debugging skills

I am able to find and fix errors in programs (CS Practice 6)


I share my ideas clearly by using appropriate language to describe, justify, and document processes and solutions. (CS Practice 7)


I do not give up when a problem gets challenging. I try different solutions and strategies until I get it right.

Design thinking

I am able to use an iterative process to design innovative prototypes or solutions to problems people care about.

Coding skills

I can use appropriate computer programming language to write a set of instructions for the computer to follow.

Algorithm design

I can determine step by step process to accomplish a task or solve a compelling problem.


• A modern PC or Mac computer with at least 4GB of RAM and 256MB processor speed. Tablets are not supported.
• Minecraft, Roblox and Unity classes require a PC or MAC. Chromebooks will not suffice!
• A USB headset
• A web camera
• High speed internet

Our staff has been trained extensively in how to use Zoom to manage a classroom remotely. The classroom participants will meet limits and restrictions for features like chat, file sharing, and even speaking out of turn. Instructors have the ability to mute or remove disruptive students, and the entire session is recorded by default for accountability purposes.

All of our online classes are geared at children with a basic reading proficiency. They need to be able to read the instructions on the screen independently to fully participate in our online learning courses.

At this time, no. All our online coding classes are designed for kids who can read independently. However, we work with several other providers who are bringing classes online for younger kids, and we’re happy to connect you to them! Contact us to discuss more.

While our courses are self paced, our online classes offer an easy way for your child to participate in a classroom environment with a real, live coach. We offer the same great instruction that is available in our center based classes.

Yes we do offer makeup classes. We offer 1 per month, but please note that makeups have to be used alongside an active enrolment.

Our instructors have backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and/or math as well as experience working with kids. With a strong understanding of how to teach coding to young kids, your child gets a fun, educational class experience. All our instructors undergo background checks.

Absolutely! We would love to have you join us for a trial class! To book a tria class, please visit this page https://codewiz.simplybook.me/v2/

" Engaging and inclusive environment with great flexibility on time and work. They have a great variety of programs that cater to a spectrum of skills and interests.The summer program catered wonderfully to my kids and I am very thankful to Ruth for all the support she and Nadia has provided us.

Sidra E